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The Culture Games is a creative organisation, developing innovative activities and concepts in the context of art and culture. We focus on the needs and wishes of companies and organizations as a starting point and apply them in a cultural setting. This has resulted in two interactive museum games Quartet and Vango. In co-operation with cultural institutions, festivals, companies and organisations we also develop tailor-made concepts and activities.

Art Quiz

Art Quiz

App for interactive museum visit

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Teambuilding in a museum

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Dining with art

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Quartet and Art Quiz tailor-made

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Custom-made concepts and activities

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Art Quiz

The Art Quiz is an app visitors can use to learn about the history of the museum and it’s collection in an easy and playful way. You’ll be challenged to have a close look at the art. On request, we can give The Art Quiz a competitive twist. The Quiz will be played on tablets provided by The Culture Games. The app is also suited for children from the age of 10.

  • For groups from 5 to 50 persons
  • Adjusted to the Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum), Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Museum and Museum van Loon in Amsterdam, The Mauritshuis in The Hague, the Frans Hals Museum in Harlem and the Educational Museum in Dordrecht
  • Perfect for art lovers and newcommers


Quartet is a dynamic group activity which revolves around teamwork, tactics, and art. Take a good look at the museum's collection and earn with the special Quartet-app as much as possible art cards. In the final the heat is on and will it comes down to tactics, a sharp memory and a lot of bluff: steal each other's cards and collect as much as possible series of art cards. It’s also possible to adjust Quartet to your private art collection or company. For more information see “Tailor-Made”.

  • 8 or more players
  • Quartet takes about 1,5 hours
  • Adjusted to the collection of the Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum) in Amsterdam and The Mauritshuis in The Hague
  • On request the second round can be adjusted to your organization
  • Two game masters (Dutch/English available)
  • Perfect for art lovers and newcomers


Museum van Loon is located in a beautiful 17th century canal house in Amsterdam. In collaboration with renowned caterers we can offer you a combination of a private dinner and art. You can combine the dinner with our game Quartet or with our Collection Quiz (for more information see “Quartet” and “Art Quiz”). Guests will be welcomed with an aperitif and will then visit the museum with any of these activities. Subsequently, the guests will enjoy a lovely three course dinner in the stylish dining room of the Van Loon family.

  • For groups of 8 to 20 people
  • Perfect for art lovers and newcomers


On request, we can make our games Quartet and the Art Quiz tailor-made: part of the questions can refer to the history of your company or a private art collection. Some examples of our tailor made projects:

  • our game Quartet based on the art collection of a prominent private bank
  • a personalized version of our game Quartet, with questions not only related to the art of the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht but also questions related to the city Maastricht and the organization and activities of our client
  • a personalized version of our game Quartet with questions and missions related to the historic city of Thorn and the history and future of the company of our client


There are a lot of similarities between culture and business. Art is good for reflection, inspiration and can be used for relaxation. Themes and concepts behind the art can provide an introduction to more business related discussions and professional reflections. When developing our concepts and activities we’re always trying to find these cross overs between the culture and the corporate world. Some examples:

  • a tailor made quiz in the Institution for Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid) during a big staff event
  • a “mood concert” with a focus on the relationship between music and well being, organized in collaboration with musicians of the Music Center for the Broadcast Organisations (Muziek Centrum van de Omroep, MCO)
  • a series of exclusive visits to the depots of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague



The Culture Games work together with a variety of cultural institutions. Our interactive games Quartet and Vango can be played in various museum. Below an overview of the different cultural institutions.


Our philosophy

Culture inspires, disrupts, surprises, challenges, entertains and here at The Culture Games we believe that culture works; it is meant for everyone. The Culture Games approaches its projects with market-savvy sensibility in order to build a platform of innovative activities, which – directly or indirectly – generate additional revenue for the cultural sector. By working together with cultural institutions, possibilities for original, educational, relevant and socially constructive activities arise which are apt for anyone looking for a unique experience with a cultural dimension. The Culture Games sees potential for business with museums, festivals, orchestras, or theatres. The possibilities for collaboration are exciting and numerous.

Creating a loop between

Founder Esther Kwaks’ dream: "The cultural sector is full of ideas for growth. I want to help them by changing the way they look at their target audience, and help them turn these ideas into concrete experiences. It would be incredibly disappointing if the quality and diversity of our cultural institutions degrades due to declining audience numbers. Culture is not a luxury, it is relevant to everyone. It excites, inspires, and incites change. This is a cause worth contributing to." Esther has previously been an entrepreneur in financial services and has an extensive history in the cultural sector.

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Why do we believe in our cause?

With our projects we seek to develop new sources of revenue for museums in a time when government subsidies are under pressure. Meanwhile we also introduce the cultural institutions to potential sponsors. By placing a unique game or activity in an inspiring environment, The Culture Games is able to give both parties something beautiful: Museums share in our revenue and participants get a casual introduction to the wealth of culture and history Dutch cities have to offer. We also hope that through connecting people from all social groups to museums, we can help stimulate people to visit those institutions in the future.

For whom?

Our clients

Cultural institutions

Cultural institutions

Are you seeking an original activity that is sure to surprise and entice visitors and potential and current sponsors to take place in the inspiring museum environment? The Culture Games is able to tailor any of its interactive projects to your collection, augmenting the experience of the public through games and activities. We are excited for the opportunity to work with you to help provide a unique cultural enterprise that will expand your institution’s reach in the cultural sector.

Businesses & Organizations

Businesses & Organizations

Are you looking for an event that is fun and informative, as well as culturally engaged? Participants in The Culture Games go on a compelling, interactive journey through the beautiful halls of the greatest museums in the Netherlands. Our present portfolio is made up of three games, ready to play and guaranteed to be fun, but this is far from all we are ready to offer. If your organization is looking for a beautiful dinner location in a canal house or something different and new in a cultural environment, The Culture Games will work to design a custom activity upon request. The possibilities are boundless: we’d love to work with you!

Event agencies

Event agencies

Creating unique cultural experiences is our business. Our interactive museum games ensure an engaging journey in a beautiful setting, and who wouldn’t want that for their clients? Enrich your guests by serving them a luxurious art dinner or let them explore the city with our special art tours. Besides these projects, we are always open to the opportunity to help provide custom projects for a unique and accessible cultural activity. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss the possibilities.

Happy clients

My colleagues enjoyed the question round the most. I could indulge myself in the robbery round.
Sandra (27)
I'm a real philistine, but Quartet is such a fun game.
Frank (37)
I actually didn't know what was inside this museum. It's great, I'll definitely visit again!
Gerrit (57)
The Culture Games is the best concept I've heard in years!
Jeroen (40)
Never before did I have such a good time in a museum.
Antoinette (57)
Many thanks, Quartet was a huge success. Everybody happy. Great formula!
Huib (39)

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